Despite Plunderbund’s best wishes, Obamacare is still unpopular

On March 28th, 2013, the Ohio-based, left-wing blog, Plunderbund, published an article titled, “Obamacare will be hugely popular in a year.”

Plunderbund Obama


Well, it’s been a year now, so we thought we’d revisit PB’s claim to judge the accuracy of that assertion.

The blog post cited the March 2013 Kaiser Health Tracking Poll, which stated that the law was unpopular, with 37 percent of the public approving, compared to 40 percent who were opposed.

Fast-forward to the March 2014 Kaiser Health Tracking Poll: Opposition has grown. The latest Kaiser poll found 38 percent in favor of the law and 46 percent opposed.

So, far from being “hugely popular,” Obamacare’s popularity has actually gotten worse. In fact, based on Kaiser polling, at no point over the past 12 months were Obamacare’s approval numbers any better than they were at the time Plunderbund uploaded that blog post.

What might be worse for Democrats is that even though the deadline to sign up for health insurance is just a few days away, when polled, just four in ten of the uninsured were aware of the deadline and exactly half said they planned to remain uninsured. Among the uninsured, 37 percent view the law positively, with 45 percent opposed.

No matter where you look, when it comes to Obamacare’s approval numbers, Democrats might want to look away: 

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Pew Research Center

March 20, 2014




Rasmussen Reports

March 24, 2014




Public Policy Polling

March 11, 2014





March 6, 2014





It appears President Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment (which he has since proceeded to change more than 30 times) has consistently remained disliked among the public in the four years since being signed into law.

Hugely popular? Maybe in a year.