Jessica Miranda’s Bad Habits

“Do as I say; not as I do.”

That may as well be the campaign slogan for Hamilton County Democrat Jessica Miranda, who is running against first-term Republican Jonathan Dever in the 28th District.

As this campaign ad illustrates, “Jessica Miranda has a bad habit of raising your taxes and not paying her own.” She has repeatedly promoted higher taxes and has publicly expressed her disapproval of the recent income tax cuts in Ohio that have given more freedom to families and businesses to save, spend and invest more of their money.

As president of her local school board, she called for higher taxes to pay for schools, but at the same time failed to pay her own school district income taxes. In addition, she supported a school bond levy that would have cost homeowners hundreds of dollars more each year in property taxes. It failed at the polls.

Her other policy stances fall squarely in line with big-government liberalism. But what might churn the most stomachs is her blatant hypocrisy on taxes, of what she demands from others and what she expects from herself.