The story of an “Independent” in Wayne County

spoonamore-graphicWhen Wayne County voters go to the polls, one of the names they will see on the ballot will be Stephen Spoonamore, an Independent. At least that’s what it will say on the ballot.

But hopefully voters will also be equipped with some very important facts as well, for Spoonamore could really be labeled an “Independent in Name Only.”

Consider, just this year he served as a local chairman of Bernie Sanders’ presidential run in the Democrat primary and has repeatedly and publicly expressed his support for the Vermont senator. At a campaign event, he described his job as “working to keep the White House in Democratic hands.”

Finally, before adopting his third-party, political-outsider mentality, he was actually registered as a Democrat and voted as such. But nonetheless, the local board of elections permitted his status as an independent candidate, which paved his way onto the ballot.

The legal status of Spoonamore’s candidacy is still awaiting a decision in court, and candidacies like his have been consistently determined as violating Ohio law by boards of elections and secretaries of state from both political parties.

But beyond all of that noise, voters at least have an honest, trustworthy candidate to choose on November 8th. Republican Scott Wiggam has served as a commissioner in Wayne County for three terms and has a track record of job creation and government transparency during his time in office. We are confident that voters will make the right decision in November.