Ohio’s House Republican Caucus has an uncompromising commitment to Ohioans.  By restoring a healthier economy, enacting common-sense public policy that respects hardworking taxpayers, and providing efficient, effective and accountable government, the Ohio Republican Caucus is ensuring our state is the place to live, work and raise a family.

We hear everyday from individuals across our great state about how we can work together to fight for every Ohioan.  And, our major accomplishments underscore this, our commitment to you.

Major Legislative Accomplishments

  • Restoring a Healthier Economy
    • Investing $3 billion for roads and bridges without a tax increase (130 H.B. 51)
    • Funding fully Ohio’s rainy day fund to ensure Ohioans do not need to rely on one-time federal stimulus dollars or see increased taxes in times of economic uncertainty
    • Rebuilding Ohio’s bond rating from negative to stable, for the first time in almost five years 
  • Respecting Hardworking Taxpayers
    • Balancing an $8 billion budget deficit without raising taxes (129 H.B. 153)
    • Providing over $2.7 billion in tax relief to all working Ohioans (130 H.B. 59)
    • Reducing layoffs by Ohio’s employers through the creation of SharedWork Ohio (130 H.B. 37)
  • Providing Efficient, Effective and Accountable Government
    • Requiring performance audits of every state government agency to uncover wasteful spending and make state agencies more effective in delivering services to hardworking tax payers (129 S.B. 2)
    • Establishing the Common Sense Initiative to evaluate all new and existing regulations created by state agencies and invalidating those which have an adverse impact on Ohio’s job creators (129 S.B. 2)
    • Reforming the nation’s most complicated tax system to provide taxpayers with less hassle, less paperwork, and easier compliance (130 H.B. 5)