Battle Line Issue 12: Surprise, it’s October!

In politics we often hear about the “October Surprise,” an event or series of events that voters may not have foreseen happening that can change the complexion of a race.

Sometimes, however, October’s very first surprise is merely its arrival. Yes, candidates have been working for most of the year – if not longer – on their respective campaigns, and, with 35 days until the election, there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

But seeing the calendar flip to October still carries with it its own jolt of energy, as voters will begin casting their ballots next week. From there, it is full throttle until the end.

The best thing to do during the remainder of the campaign is simply to keep working hard, knocking on doors until fingers are raw and feet are sore.

No matter what you have read about this election cycle thus far, know this – if Democrats expect us to let up even a little bit over the next month, we’ve got one word for them: Surprise!

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