Battle Line Issue 13: Early voting begins tomorrow

Despite Democrats’ best efforts to convince us otherwise, Ohioans know that voting in our state is easy and accessible. In fact, beginning tomorrow, Ohioans can begin casting their ballots for the 2018 General Election. That equates to 28 days during which you can either vote in person or mail in an absentee ballot.

Of course, you can also go the traditional route and vote on Election Day too. But no matter when you decide to vote, remember to do so only once.

While this may sound obvious to just about everyone, we take you back just a few years ago. During a voting rights rally in Cincinnati, Rev. Al Sharpton, some Democrat members of the Ohio General Assembly and other left-wing advocates cheered a woman who was charged with voter fraud after she voted for President Obama multiple times. They even called her a “hero.”

Go back a little further and you might recall former Democrat state senator and Bernie Sanders supporter, Nina Turner, who in a robocall once encouraged Ohioans to “Vote early, vote often, vote Democrat.”

Here at OHROC, we encourage people to vote early if you wish. But voting often and voting Democrat? Now that’s particularly bad advice.

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