Battle Line Issue 15: Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Last week, House Speaker Ryan Smith and Senate President Larry Obhof joined other legislative leaders in a press conference to call into question some of Democrat gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray’s spending proposals, which would cost upwards of $4 billion beyond the state’s current fiscal capacity.

And there is reason to stay the course that Republican leadership have paved over the past eight years, rather than return to the job-destroying, tax-raising policies of Ted Strickland and Democrat control.

Since 2011, Ohioans have created more than 560,000 new private-sector jobs, the state’s unemployment rate has been cut nearly in half and the state’s reserve fund – which back then contained less than a dollar – now holds $2.7 billion.

Then, last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that, from September 2017 to September 2018, Ohio added 104,600 new jobs. That is the best September-to-September job-creation total in Ohio since 1997. That means that someone born during the last time Ohio enjoyed such robust economic expansion could today legally drink a beer to celebrate all the new jobs that have been created. To them, we say, “Cheers!”

Everyone already knew there was a lot at stake in this year’s election, which now sits just two weeks away. If campaigning is a marathon, then we’re about to hit mile marker 25 – and the finish line is right around the corner.

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