Battle Line Issue 8: Knock, knock…

OHROC’s candidates, campaign managers and volunteers knock on tens of thousands of doors each cycle. So, naturally, every so often you encounter something unexpected.

While canvassing last week, one of Rep. Kyle Koehler’s volunteers knocked on someone’s door and a woman answered. We’ll let Rep. Koehler take it from here:


Woman (answering door): “Hello.”

Volunteer (handing her literature): “Hello, my name is Lindsey. I’m here on behalf of State Representative Kyle…” (woman interrupts)

Woman: “Oh my goodness, this is so sad.”

Volunteer: “I’m sorry. Why is it sad?”

Woman: “Because he died.”

Husband (joining her at door): “Who died?”

Woman (points to my photo): “…this man!”

It turns out the woman had confused Rep. Koehler with Senator John McCain, who was laid to rest last week. We don’t quite see the resemblance, but we’ll let you be the judge.

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