Embarrassed by Their Own Failed Candidate, Ohio House Democrats Resort to Cheap Smear Tactics in 37th District Race

COLUMBUS—Ohio House Democrats have resorted to smear tactics in the 37th House District against Republican Mike Rasor to distract voters from their own failed, flawed candidate Casey Weinstein.

Yesterday, the Ohio House Democratic Caucus smeared Rasor in a vicious personal and professional attack regarding a matter with a former client. In reality, when Rasor and his law firm found their client to be lying to them, they responded honorably and appropriately, immediately severing their relationship with the client. There has not even been a hearing on claims made against the law firm, which is appealing the recent decision.

Ohio Democrats are clearly jumping at any opportunity to engage in negative campaigning to cover up the faults of their candidate. Democrat Casey Weinstein, whom Summit County residents rejected by nearly 15 percentage points just two years ago, has missed one out of every five votes as a member of Hudson City Council. When he did show up, he supported raising fees on city residents, as well as supporting a pay raise for himself.

In addition, Weinstein filed a lawsuit against the United States military in 2004 when cadets wanted to watch a religious film. A federal judge ultimately tossed out the lawsuit.

“It is disappointing, though not surprising, that House Democrats are attempting to impugn Mike Rasor and make political hay out of an issue that is nowhere near being settled or finalized,” OHROC Spokesman Brad Miller said. “What voters of the 37th District are most interested in is what candidates will do if elected to serve on their behalf. Casey Weinstein’s no-show record on Hudson City Council is not the kind of resume that should earn him the trust of Summit County voters.”