Battle Line Issue 11: To good health…and candy!

As of late Saturday summer is officially over, and it feels like the weather has followed the directive. With the days growing ever shorter and the air less humid (we can only hope), Ohio residents and news outlets are beginning to shift more and more attention to Ohio’s General Election on November 6th.

This even includes taking a closer look at candidates’ health and well being as we approach the final 40 days of the campaign cycle. According to their respective doctors, both candidates for governor are in good health. The Associated Press reported this news just yesterday. Of course, Ohioans could have known this information earlier if Democrat Richard Cordray had met the AP’s deadline of almost a full month ago.

Cordray’s defense: He was “having trouble finding time to get to the doctor.” So while his health may be strong, his time management seems highly questionable.

If you think that’s nitpicky, then just know that we are happy the candidates are both in good health. We want what is best for all Ohioans.

To that point, however, no doctor has yet condoned the health or lifestyle of the staff at OHROC. Campaign life isn’t full of fresh fruits and vegetables, let’s put it that way. But, as the photo below illustrates, we do consume a very colorful diet!

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