OHROC Calls on Democrat Jessica Miranda to Answer for Multiple State Investigations into her Insurance Company

COLUMBUS—The Ohio House Republican Organizational Committee (OHROC) is calling on Democrat candidate Jessica Miranda to explain to the voters of the 28th District what appears to be multiple state investigations into her businesses. Miranda is the CEO of an auto insurance company, which she co-owns with her husband and that does business under the names Uno Tax LLC and Fiesta Auto Insurance and Tax.

Recently unveiled records indicate that the Department of Public Safety conducted at least three investigations against the company based on reports of suspicious transactions. The investigations revealed that many of the businesses to which the cars were registered did not exist or were listed at addresses found to be uninhabited.

During an investigation in 2011, a high-level employee was questioned why the company had notarized a filing, despite there being a mismatch between the signature on the social security card and the filing.

The employee, believed to be Jessica Miranda, referred the investigator to her attorney, Louis Valencia. Valencia later stated that he and the interviewee served on the board of directors of a non-profit organization that helps the immigrant community. Valencia is a founder and board member of the Latino Coalition of Southwest Ohio. Miranda is a board member of the same organization.

Valencia indicated that he is “well aware of the financial benefits she is reaping from the illegal immigrant community by acting as a title runner.”

Many fraudulent registrations were canceled as a result of the investigations.

“The documents detailing the investigations raise major concerns about Jessica Miranda’s integrity, as well as her ability to serve the district in an honest and trustworthy way,” said OHROC spokesman Brad Miller. “The voters of the 28th District deserve a full explanation from Jessica Miranda into why her company was subject to these numerous investigations.”

The 28th House District includes the northern suburbs of Hamilton County.

Click on the links below to access the records:

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Miranda JLEC form

Latino Coalition